Two Worlds

Parathe Wali Gali


  • 10:13 pm

    SLAP Workshop at Mrs. Delhi NCR 2015

    Opening day of Mrs. Delhi-NCR 2015 on 15th June where SLAP (Street Level Awareness Program working to train and empower women, to prevent child abuse and to create gender sensitization) trained charming young ladies to be judged on street survival skills for the first time in the history of a beauty pageant.

  • 4:14 pm


    मैं जितनी बार महादेवी वर्मा की कहानी ‘गिल्लू’ पढ़ता हूँ, कुछ करने का मन करता है | यह कहानी नहीं है, बल्कि औपचारिकता से कहें तो एक मार्मिक संस्मरण है, किन्तु जितनी बार भी पढ़ो, सच नहीं लगता …

  • 3:04 pm


    Might of an ocean, limits of sky

    And soulful songs of blue.

    The dominant ink

    And boy’s sigil,

    Loyalty and tranquility in its depth…

  • 9:05 pm

    Fairy Trails

    My Fiery Red and Your Icy Blue Let us sink into deep pools of Purple Passion. I dare not say my love is of an older fashion. A valiant knight on his noble steed, rescuing the damsel from a tower…

  • 10:32 am

    The Nightmare of the Unknown Caller

    The smartphone rings. I pick up the call and shout ‘hello’ twice and the call disconnects, and then begins the Nightmare.

  • 12:24 pm

    Kapil Sharma is Not Funny Anymore

    “Japanese logon ki aankhen humse chhoti hoti hain. Magar unki bhi aankhen aapko dekhkar dedh guna badi ho gayi.” This was another innocuous Kapil Sharma joke that he used as an even more innocent compliment for Mallika Sherawat