eStores selling Sex Selection Products


Update March 20, 2015


Who are we to decide the gender of our offspring? We have cluttered our means of luxuries keeping Mother Nature at bay, Isn’t that enough in the light that we now face Nature’s fury every now and then. should not we leave the gender selection to be managed by Mother of all?

We came across an online petition listed as ‘, Flipkart, Junglee, Naaptol, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo: Stop Advertising and Selling Products and Publications that Promote Gender Biased Sex Selection‘ by Girls Count on (link below.)

The petition is requesting the eStores to remove the listing of these products. All major eStores have these products listed. The petition also mentions a fact that As per the law, no person can issue, publish, distribute, communicate any advertisement, in any form, including in the Internet, regarding facilities of sex selection.  Considering this statement, the eStores are blatantly ignoring the law.

Here’s the proof of the listings



We have contacted Flipkart seeking an official response on why they have listed such products, and we are waiting for their reply. We had a conversation with one of the representative from and the conversation is attached below. Since we don’t want the representative to get into any trouble, we have removed their name. All we asked for is an official response from the team who handles issues like this, but apparently we didn’t get any satisfactory reply.


Sign the petition here : Petition Link

Update: February 8, 2015
We have received an official reply from the Flipkart customer support team which is as follows:


Dear Samuel,

Greetings from Flipkart!

Thank you for your interest in buying from us.

We apologize for delay in response, due to high volumes and technical issues we were unable to reach you in time.

With regards to your query, we would like to inform you that currently we do not have the information required by you. We have sent it across the concern team, the information will be shared once we receive an update on same and the changes will be updated on the website. However we will not be able to confirm the time frame on the same.

We hope this information is helpful.

Please accept our sincere apologies for not being able to fulfil your requirement for the mentioned product at this point.

They have not provided any information, and have forwarded our question to the concerned team.



Update: March 20, 2015

Naaptol has removed the book ‘Guarantee the Sex of Your Baby’ from its website. Post by Girls Count:

20 Mar 2015 — Thank you for your support. Naaptol has removed the book ‘Guarantee the Sex of Your Baby’ from its website.

Following the victory with Naaptol, Girls Count is going to target Flipkart next to immediately remove 3 publications promoting sex selection from its website.

Flipkart is an Indian brand and among the leading names in e-commerce in India. They cannot be allowed to sell irresponsible products and must work within the legal framework of the country. We will be altering our petition accordingly.

Thank you for supporting our petition. Together we can hold online retailers accountable and sensitize them to the social needs of our country. Please forward this update to your family and friends and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank You for taking action,

Team Girls Count