Eh Bhai, Zara Dekh ke Chalo!


People with a lack of ‘Comic Sense’, are advised not to read the following article. A criss-cross of by lanes defines India more than anything. While narrow streets merge into wide open roads, metro trails dissect them further. Out on the road one can find an array of vehicles and with that comes the notion, “To each his own” Rules are laid and corollaries are re-laid, it’s the commuters who define these, and they alone do it.

The recent argument on helmet for the pillions struck a chord with me. Many refused to pay the fine on the basis of the fact that they were unaware of the rule. The bottom line of the argument being that Delhi Police never practiced their duty and that accounts for a fault on their part.

What I intend to point out in this article is how very justified the argument is.


Visitors of the road



When ‘Gaayi humari maata hain’ chooses to cross the road, how can we as commuters ever not give way to it? Wasn’t the rule, “Give way to the traffic on your right” applicable to all? And as for stray dogs, well hasn’t anyone ever heard of “Faithful Hachiko”? That melted my heart to the extent that whenever I look into the eyes of a dog, I don’t want to keep the poor thing waiting ever.


Music is a Stairway to Heaven


In my car, the tracks play in the background while I sing to them very religiously. And here comes, “Tere liye hi toh signal todh tadh ke, aaya dil wali gf chor-char ke” If Ranbir Kapoor can break the signal for his love, why can’t I?! Bollywood is my religion. And love being its very proponent, I have every right as an individual to practice it!

Also who would not shake a leg to Honey Singh’s numbers? I mean doesn’t the guy put YOLO in simple enough words for you?! Okay maybe not shake a leg, I can at least swing my car, a bit at the least?

Tokyo Drift



Nothing proves that you have got the swag, better than your speed on the roads.
Otherwise how will people know, “Mera baap kaun hain”
And when you’re with your parents, the incessant scolding to drive slow falls on deaf ears. “Ab papa ki kara, gadi rukhti hi nahi hain!”

The Lord of the Seasons

Come Ganesh Chaturti, Come Navrartre, Come Moharram, Come Mahashivrartri, Come Christmas. Every month has a festival. Every festival has a procession and every procession leaks to the roads.
Nothing ever happens in solitary. We are a country that celebrates with great gusto!

The three B’s


Image Source: 4gifs

Who can miss the beautifully bejewelled bride? Or not count the number of notes hanging around the groom’s neck?
To top it all, it comes with a whiff of scents, bedazzling jewellery everywhere (all that glitters definitely being gold! It’s a common man’s dream come true with the perfect downslide of prices) and well, barati should have the right to carry on lights and aunties and enthusiastic dancers and the dholwallas, it’s a one-time affair for them after all!
STOP! In the name of love.

BAND BAJA BRIDE! In procession.

The god of Small Vehicles


Image Source: Economic Times

While the political parties unite and dissent as and when it seems feasible, the battery operated E-rickshaws stand clogged to the sides of smaller roads. When the DTC busses specifically low floor JN NURM busses, let alone the blue lines (Thank you God for sweeping them out!) kill people on road, it becomes a matter of sustained monotonous crisis, but have an Erick kill a kid, suddenly all sleeping eyes have awoken with a jolt!

Excuse me! Is the God of small vehicles, not from Haryana?

The Privileged Ones

Image Source: BBC

When a “Lal batti wali gadi” (government vehicles) appears, you either give way to it, like an obedient citizen or better still outsmart the others!
Tailgate the car, and viola! You are out of the maddening crowd already.

The grass is always greener on the other side
The line is always lesser on the other side.
When approaching the toll booths, everyone is Shatabdi express! Except the moves are more like a jagger.

So! Well who is to blame?

It’s not me! Just about anything else will do.  😀


PS: The article has been written in a light hearted manner.
No offence is meant and no prejudices are propagated.


Smriti Rao

A nomad in the world of creativity, I find words and paints enticing. Pondering on the ways of the society I often tend to float in my own world of thoughts.