The Humours of an Online Relationship


The Humours of an Online Relationship

The Humours of an Online Relationship 1

About a decade ago, relationships were more about physical presence. Fast forward 20 years, online presence determines our relationship with the opposite sex. Our odds of finding a suitable mate are now based on how ‘attractive and appealing’ our profile picture looks. We live in the Age of the Virtual: virtual kisses, virtual cuddles and even virtual sex. Oh yes, you read it right; sexting is the newest form of intimacy among couples. Are we to expect babies delivered online in the coming decades? Even marriages arranged online are a new wave of reality. The internet is our lifeline: arranging and creating life.

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The Humours of an Online Relationship 3

Don’t be confounded by the outrage that your morals suffer when you see this image. Online relationships are actually this ridiculous and this picture testifies it. The youth of the age, fast-paced and busy, has nowhere left to go, but to simply log on and fondle the most private of their passions. The age of instant gratification carries a lot other freebies in its folds. Enhanced connectivity almost ensures communication 24X7.


The Humours of an Online Relationship 4

Fake identity and the comfort of put-up postures allows freewheeling chats and irresponsible detail-sharing. Who but the fool should waste time and energy and crack the shell of inhibition to feel the presence of one’s partner? Yes, but only the fool should risk tripping over the shadow lines of safety. Online harassment and wildfire pornographic clips move hand in hand these days, along with the pleasures. Instant gratification and apparently easier availability of partners has made it a lot more difficult for spurned ‘lovers’ to digest the losses and frustrations of a routine relationship. It has to be your call, then.

The Humours of an Online Relationship 2

It is only natural that if love adds spice and sugar to life, for the different phases of tastelessness it goes through, it also forces the heat right through.  It brings discord along with the harmony it fosters. Moreover, online relationships give rise to more causes for bitterness and rotting relationships. Convenience gives rise to curiosity that is uncalled for, and creates the illusion of perfect expectations. It abuses the human faculty of love, and breeds jealousy, unrealistic expectations of presence and weigh virtues of trust and loyalty on a scale that cannot actually judge love and compassion.

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