When he asked, Why Delhi?


Photo : BBC

Photo : BBC

Summer Vacations! It is the most-awaited time of the year for me. I was all packed and ready to start my trip to this wonderful hill station. Different people, different varieties of food and the change in climate, this was exactly what I needed. After spending fifteen days amidst mountains and fresh air, I boarded the train back to Delhi. The urge to reach Delhi was at the crest of my thoughts. I could feel my city itself was calling me. I was sitting by the window while the gusty winds blew my hair on face. I was contented and happy but there was chaos to create equilibrium of thoughts was running through my head. I could foresee hugging Delhi when the phone rang. It was my friend who was awaiting my arrival at Delhi, curious to know about how my trip went.

A guy sitting in front of me eavesdropped on my conversations. Yes, I felt like scolding him for that but probably he was too cute for it. A few hours later, I heard a voice, “Are you from Delhi?” I was startled but happy that the guy finally initiated the conversation and I made sure that happiness does not reflect on my face. I replied, “Yes! I am!” As the conversation progressed, I got to know that he was from Bengal. He apologized for eavesdropping on my conversations and asked me, “Why you are so excited to go back, a hill station is far better than a city! Then, WHY Delhi?
To that, I replied:
“Well, I have so much to say, where should I start? Delhi, It has not only provided me with the best of education in one of the finest schools and universities but also the fusion of ideas and views of various people from different parts of the world have taught me to form my opinions and make my own judgments.

Delhi is home to people from all walks of life. Coming to the major part, from the cafes to the roadside ‘moong daal ki pakori’…From brands to street fashion of Sarojini Nagar…From the metro to the wedged roads…From the chilly winters of early January to the sticky monsoon of August…DELHI has got it all! And why not! It’s the fashion capital. Anyone who’s born and brought up in Delhi cannot think of living anywhere else in this world. I can give you numerous reasons to prove that Delhi is worth living.


The jammed roads and the ruptured streets may make you hate this city but the culture will make you fall in love with this metropolis. One can experience different breeds of people, a mixture of varied cultures from the loud Punjabi weddings to those numerous rallies. The best part about the people of Delhi is that they can have fun possibly everywhere. A tough sunny day with jammed roads but a glass of “Banta” or that roadside “matka kulfi” or even “chuski” can make you forget even the 36 degree temperature.

The ‘gol-gappas’ and ‘chaat papris’ are an all time favorite for every Delhiite, a weekend wherein the whole family goes out for shopping for all day long, this street food is a rescuer. Most of them decide to eat ‘pav bhajis’ or ‘chaat’ or’ chhole bhatoore’ for dinner (the only source through which the lady of the house can be relieved because she does not have to cook after a tiring day).

Photo : Souvik Das Gupta (Flickr)


No doubt that the electricity supply problems have vanquished Delhi but the Delhiites have found numerous ways to be contented even with the frequent power cuts by playing the game of “Antakshri” on the terrace or simply a picnic at India gate followed by a cup of ice-cream and a walk in those fresh gardens. Sometimes even the entire locality coming out as a family and enjoying gossiping with those paper fans in their hands. No matter how much one want to denounce Delhi but Delhi still remains the best place to live.

Ease in commuting, Malls, Street Food, Cheap apparels and accessories from Sarojini market, Janpath etc, Dilli haat, The weddings; The “baraats” with people dancing cheerfully, The oldest markets of Chandni chowk, Hauz khaz fort, water parks and what not! Delhi is the only place where one can experience all the six seasons and also, one can meet people from all the religions, castes and cultures. Someone has truly stated, Delhi is the heart of India and thus it is referred to as “DILLI DILWALON KI”. Delhi has got it all! So, WHY NOT DELHI?”
And the awestruck Bengali guy just smiled.


Megha Sati

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