She knew, she will marry her!


love is beautiful, regardless of sexual orientation

Love is beautiful, regardless of sexual orientation


Meet Shannon and Seema, a real life Lesbian couple. Cupid struck Shannon first saw Seema while teaching at a boot camp in the US. Well! Love at first sight indeed. It took a while before Seema professed her love for her suitor. Six years later, their love bloomed into marital bliss on 6.7.2013. What was originally a private affair for the couples, turned out to be world news with thousands of wedding wishes and blessings from countries as far as India blessing the newly married couple. Indeed, the internet did its work! Voila! the wedding pictures went viral.

Where lesbianism is considered a taboo in few parts of the world, their marriage indeed spread hopes to the couples who shy away from coming to the forefront. The wedding is a successful connotation of the acceptance of same sex marriage into the modern world. Shannon and Seema indeed had a dream wedding. What could be merrier than a true fusion of Indo-American culture? Their marriage set a perfect example to that. Seema, dressed as a beautiful bride, dazzled in traditional North Indian wedding attire. True to the American culture, towards the end of the marriage the newlywed stole a moment to kiss! A truly amazing feeling-bonding of soul mates.

Shannon and Seema

Shannon and Seema

LGBT weddings indeed are turning into reality. The world and the society needs to accept the possibilities of same sex marriage. Indeed it is an issue of concern. After US, it is now time for the other countries to acknowledge and help bloom some beautiful love stories.

When same sex marriages are not a taboo in the West, why is it that India is not open to accept it? The LGBT group has always been an issue in the Indian Government with several Human Rights activists and social workers have pointed out towards infringement of “fundamental rights”. The acceptance of LGBT and same sex marriages are still under the shadows of uncertainty. Will India never legalize and accept it with an open minded? When we so candidly talk about everything else, why are we shy to accept this reality? When we can boast about modernisation and development, is it not time to come out of shells? As an individual, it is indeed our right to copulate with a partner of our choice. Why is society and law forcing its views on us? Our society is perhaps, still primitive, where be it love marriages, inter-caste or same sex, someone or the other definitely holds it a taboo! It is indeed a mockery on us! It is time for thinking, sensible India arise.


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