The Tree in The Balcony



So somebody had a major portion of the tree in front of my balcony cut this afternoon. I feel like something has been taken away from me- a shelter, a friend. Mamma too is unhappy about this. She is the one in our home who spends most of her early mornings in the balcony, watching that tree grow every day. Growth may be not in its length, but growth in terms of its strength. That tree has been there since seven years, that is, since we have shifted in this house. It is very much a part of our balcony. But then we have not lost substantially anything.

The birds have been restless since the noon, when the tree was cut. Yes, they have lost their nests-their homes. Even a squirrel had a nest on that tree. I remember Mamma and me counting the number of nests on the tree. A monthly ritual we do. There were at least five of them. I don’t know how many are left now.

I got to know that the tree was cut because someone’s house was not getting enough sunlight. You might think that it is a valid reason to cut the tree. Are only humans important- only their homes, their lives and livelihood? What about the other creatures for whom we vow almost every year to protect the nature? Why do we have double-standards? But then I am forgetting that humans are the only species capable and master of that art- the art of hypocrisy.

This time it’s no autumn. And yet the lovely green tree had to part with its half of the body. Natural death is acceptable. Accidents aren’t.


Anuja Bhardwajan

Anuja is a student of Journalism who is 'committed' to photography. She lives on books and music. And sometimes writes too.