Reliving those evanescent memories


Rains…ah! There was a time when I loved them.

The much scheduled weekend arrived and since it was raining heavily outside I decided to sit at home and read a book. A cup of coffee and a lovely book, a perfect weekend! I was reading amidst the chaos that was coming from outside the window and I somehow happened to look out. I saw a guy running after a girl, pleading and kneeling down in front of her. Yeah, obviously they were a couple. A sly smirk appeared on my face and I was dewy-eyed. Nah! This was certainly not for the couple out there.

My phone was ringing. It was the third time someone troubled me. I opened my eyes to see who it was, and of course who else could it be other than Cherry.
”Hello “I said, still sleepy.
“I love this voice” Cherry replied.
“Its 4am, Cherry! What do you want?” I said, rolling my eyes.
“I miss you. I want to meet you. Today at 11am. Cool?”
Cherry said, in his most enthusiastic voice.
“Yeah. Cool! Now let me sleep. Bye.” I hung up the phone.
Soon it was 11am and as usual, I was waiting for Cherry.
And my call logs (as usual) Dialed Number: Cherry

Me: “Where are you?”
Cherry: “Yeah, I’ve left. 10mins max.”

Me: “Where the hell are you?”
Cherry: “I am here! Count till 20.”
Me: “No way!” (Still I count till 20 in my mind)

Me: “I hate you! I am going back now. Bye!”
Cherry: “Baby you’re wearing red today. You look pretty! See, I am here”

Finally he arrived and I opened the door. Without looking at him, I sat quietly and adjusted the seat belt and Cherry as usual kept on staring at me until I did not react. The best thing about that moment was that he made sure I laugh. So the very routinary Cherry question

“Where do you want to go?”
My accustomed reply, “I don’t know, wherever you want.” And we decided to go to Connaught Place.
Suddenly it began to rain (the most awesome thing that can ever happen when two lovers meet). I loved rains, I loved the smell of it and I loved it most when Cherry was next to me.
“You know something, I’ve heard that when a couple kisses in rain they always stay together”. I said to Cherry. ( No! It’s not true. I longed for it, so I made it a fact). I knew he would say something funny, but to my surprise Cherry stopped the car near a building. Got off and opened the door for me.
“Cherry! Are you serious?,” I Cried. I was startled, it was something least expected.
“You just come out and stand on my feet” Cherry said, with the cutest smile.
I stepped out and stood on his feet, and closed my eyes; he pressed his lips against mine.

I felt the tears on my cheeks. I peeped outside the window and the love birds had disappeared. I returned to my book and decided to lose myself in this chaotic world again.

The flashback ends.

Reliving those evanescent memories. – Vibrant Echoes


Megha Sati

Relentlessly Self-exposed!