Mother’s divine lap


He is now tired of hustle-bustle of urban life. May be, he needs to be in Nature’s lap to rejuvenate

Mother's divine lap

PHOTO: Samuel Wilson

Hey folks, for how long you haven’t
Stepped onto the earthly heavens

Glistening dewy grass patch, at dawn
Who won’t want this luxury in lawn

Parks of my hometown, here I need
Used to walk there all but bare feet

I had been through this, yesterday
In the past, it happended everyday

Felt chills when I slipped my slippers
Soaked feet in dew and grass slivers

Tears rolled down through eye corners
When reminisced those yesteryears

Colors and feel were green and grassy
Today, jungles are urban and glassy

O Mother, missing your divine lap
I’m tired of this extended gap

Jungle of steel, concrete and scrap
Either his home or a tiring trap

Woods, vales and seas, out of reach
Useless worldly shackles; could he breach

If not now, some day the ‘caged’ will
Indeed to soar atop a divine hill

Mother Nature and infinite blue skies
Only in wallpapers, for real, he cries

He ceaselessly gazes into the screen
Stoned eyes are losing their sheen

Reminisces the carbon sky with twinkles
In the chamber, he and his sheet wrinkle

Wish to leave the sheets at dawn
But the prince is a nocturnal pawn

Neons and roads of Owl’s boulevard
Render him feel dull and awkward

Leave gallops, can’t even walk briskly
For peace in life, time to decide strictly

Heart is numb and life is dead
Is that the price of making bread

The Almighty has to tell the flair
Out of the cage, he want to bear

He’ll break free off the artificial strap
Only then, can recall nature of Nature’s lap

Elixir of life has to be resurrected
Life’s journey needs to be corrected

I’m coming to you, O Mother Nature
Left the past, with you is my future

Long to swing eternally, under a tree
I’ll be me, calm and mystically free

Mother’s divine lap – Vibrant Echoes


Abhay Sisodia

Contributor and Editor at Vibrant Echoes