Cherub in Cradle



“A bachelor got in shoes of a loving father: How does it feel to feel a premature feeling?”

Lying alone in a furry cradle for so long
Irritation crept in secretly just like a dawn

Salty pearls were studded at the corners
Glittering were those innocent black oysters

Sweet music emerged from silver bracelet
Chubby cheeks of the cherub went scarlet

A fatherly love bursted overwhelmingly
Just after the nightingale cried slowly

At the drop of a hat, I lifted her in my arms
Gave warmth to the baby full of charms

Night was adorned by the humming zephyr
Moon created a magic twas tough to decipher

White clouds appeared as balls of cotton
Flying here and there, in the sky of autumn

I lightly patted incessantly upon her back
And started reciting a soft lullaby track

It casted a soothing spell in a short while
As if nectar got dissolved in ether up to a mile

Innocent black oysters tended to close
Tenderly pressed were two petals of rose

Felt oodles of contentment in my own world
As soon as she slipped into her dreamworld

I laid her into the cradle with utmost care
Those overpowering emotions were truly rare

In a split second, I realized myself as Pa
Cradle seemed to be filled with divine aura

I was elated and gracious for that bounty
Bestowed upon me by Pa of all, the Almighty

Time and again, I touched my little fairy
Eyes became moist as affection oozed heavily

She was the masterpiece of god’s creation
Into which I perceived my own reflection

I was all in goosebumps for my fatherhood
Happily shedded off my precious bachelorhood

I looked into the cradle without cessation
As curiosity struck my unexpected promotion

Her pinnas, lips, eye lashes and fingers
Closely resembled with father’s features

Wavy eye brows, velvety skin, fair complexion
Dainty feet and chubby cheeks were all exception

To pay gratitude, I went under the stars
Heart was out and sentiments were not farce

Lacy blanket of fog caressed everything
Beyond five yards, I was able to see nothing

Prevailing mystery became more mysterious
When I saw a damsel surrounded with brilliance

I asked her whether she’s my angel’s mother
She became red and left nothing to bother

She came closer after nodding positively
I was going out of sync with senses, gradually

I longed to feel her with my lost senses
She stepped back as if posing hindrances

She instructed me to first become Mr. Right
And a winsome smile turned her face bright

She whispered coyly through the white fog
Being a father, you perfectly did the job

I soulfully tried to embrace that figure
She waved and vanished into the thin air

Astonishment attained its peak thereafter
Lonely and single father ran to see his daughter

Suspicion grabbed my heart like a trapper
Cradle was empty and my child was not there

My world was robbed by an unknown force
Tears and sweat exuded from my eyes and pores

Sky receded away and earth shrunk below
I was lost and felt very shattered and low

Climax of the saga was waiting in the deep
Volcano erupted when I woke up from my sleep

Sweating was in real and my dream was over
A sweet pain spurred as I was again a bachelor

Cherub in Cradle – Vibrant Echoes


Abhay Sisodia

Contributor and Editor at Vibrant Echoes