Might of an ocean, limits of sky

And soulful songs of blue.

The dominant ink

And boy’s sigil,

Loyalty and tranquility in its depth…

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Kapila Sharma is not funny anymore

Kapil Sharma is Not Funny Anymore

“Japanese logon ki aankhen humse chhoti hoti hain. Magar unki bhi aankhen aapko dekhkar dedh guna badi ho gayi.” This was another innocuous Kapil Sharma joke that he used as an even more innocent compliment for Mallika Sherawat

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Interviewing the Kalagora Man

Q. So, how does it feel to be an all rounder, being regarded as a poet, playwright and a performer ? What’s your personal take on this. I’m hardly an ‘all-rounder’, far from it, but I have been writing and performing…

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street life -fi

Street Life

‘Street Life’ theme of the week ‪#‎photography‬

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Missing Page III - fi

‘Make A Difference’ Are they making a difference?

We attended Missing Page III, an event organized by ‘Make A Difference’ (MAD) on the 21st and 22nd of march. MAD was born in Cochin in December 2005. A group of B-school grads heard their inner..

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Determination beats Prenatal-Gender-Determination -fi

Determination beats Prenatal-Gender-Determination

Vibrant Echoes is delighted to tell you that the online petition, initiated by Girls Count, to urge customers and the internet populace to raise their protest against the sale of certain products..

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The Humours of an Online Relationship -fi

The Humours of an Online Relationship

About a decade ago, relationships were more about physical presence. Fast forward 20 years, online presence determines our relationship with the opposite sex.

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Wh the f do we swear

Why the ‘f***’ do we use the swear words?

Why do we use our lips to utter such profanity when it is not even required, instead of finding better expressions to express our thoughts?

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How to slay a goddess - fi

To Slay a Goddess

The waters of the Ganges were glistening and sparkling- like a million pearls strewn across a glass surface. The locals believe it, to have actually descended down from heaven..

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