Torchbearer sets the Lighthouse

Torchbearers sail through the seas of life setting their achievements as light houses for the fleets of future.

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loneliness the positive way -fi

Loneliness: The Positive Way

It is alone, truly alone, that one burst apart, springs forth
– Maria Isabel Barreno

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'Childhood', the only time when Happiness comes from within.

When Happiness Comes from Within

When Happiness Comes from Within by Hardik Gaurav

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the eternal smile

Happiness is Contagious

No matter what the situation may be, that eternal innocence in their smiles always manage to draw the sweetest curve on my face yes, Happiness is Contagious.

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innocent kid


Running on a high from the spirit inside,
Taking on the world with an innocent smile.

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Happy with Who You Are

No matter what occupation you hold in life, until you are Happy for being who you are, you are doing it ‘Right’

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Love each other forever..

That morning the sun was more than bright when she met her Mr. Right
He did not come in a big car. But, she knew he’d take her somewhere far where they both would stay together.

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Let's break the shackles

Let’s break the shackles

It takes nothing more than a mere whisper of that courageous voice hidden deep inside you somewhere..

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I walk alone on those lonely roads

I walk alone on those lonely roads in the silent nights, sometimes without any reason, may be because it just feels good to cry when nobody’s staring with their judgmental eyes..

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