Might of an ocean, limits of sky

And soulful songs of blue.

The dominant ink

And boy’s sigil,

Loyalty and tranquility in its depth…

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Photo by Gunn Point

Fairy Trails

My Fiery Red and Your Icy Blue Let us sink into deep pools of Purple Passion. I dare not say my love is of an older fashion. A valiant knight on his noble steed, rescuing the damsel from a tower…

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In Your Arms

I would want to die in your arms All aware still here In all conscious Still to get the hold of my breath Losing my conscience Feeling all numb Thinking..

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hollis and hilda

Hollis and Hilda

La Bonbonniere was known to every New Yorker. The board that held the name of this diner was flanked by the signs of a popular American soft drink brand…

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Debarghya Sanyal’s Nutcrackers – Small poems of deep meaning!

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I still remember the potholes and broken trees I crossed
In the months of June, while my mother was away..

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Photo by Peter Jensen

That’s Not Your Job

As I sit beside a river
try to write my name on water
A face on its surface appears
and smiles at my folly..

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अटल आकाशवाणी के

इंतजार में सब तैनात तैयार खड़े थे।

आदमी – औरत, बड़े – बूढ़े

और उनके बच्चे, जो मन या बेमन, बेखौफ

उनके साथ थे।

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कब इस भीड़ से सुर-ताल और सिर- चाल मिलाए इसी के तलवे तले, इसी के क़ाबू और कानून में पसर गई थी मालूम नहीं पड़ता। किस ओर मुख फेरा कि किसी को खोया..

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