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Congress: Trying to remain relevant in the National Politics

New Delhi: 15 years of rule, and then a sudden free fall. This is precisely the story of Indian National Congress in Delhi…

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Image source: BBC News

PAKISTAN: A Jelly State

Pakistan as a successor state to the Mughal Empire, a journey which started as a search for ‘Muslim Space’ nurtured by fear that became conviction..

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Pakistan: The Military Democracy?

In a country like Pakistan, where the most influential force is the army, the supporters of Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri..The army passively observed all the events unfolding in front of them.

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Is Crimea igniting a new cold war?

Crimea occupies a peculiar place of importance in European history. Nineteenth century Crimean war was, in general sense, the watershed of European history..

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Titan today stands alone yet proud of its past (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Are Small Towns Dying Out?

“From Britain to India, as big cities are growing at rapid pace …Are small towns dying out?” As I came down the stairs of its central railway station and walked towards Clydebank’s..

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