Missing Page III - fi

‘Make A Difference’ Are they making a difference?

We attended Missing Page III, an event organized by ‘Make A Difference’ (MAD) on the 21st and 22nd of march. MAD was born in Cochin in December 2005. A group of B-school grads heard their inner..

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Wh the f do we swear

Why the ‘f***’ do we use the swear words?

Why do we use our lips to utter such profanity when it is not even required, instead of finding better expressions to express our thoughts?

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New Delhi World Book Fair - fi

New Delhi World Book Fair 2015

On its penultimate day, we were ready to roam around in the World Book Fair 2015 at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. It started with our test of English pronunciation. I tried that, followed by Samuel and Abhijeet. We got full version Britannica Encyclopedia DVD as the winning prize. So, we started on a positive and happy note..

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Here is the new look, we can find the symmetry in down shutters, but where is life. The shutter in the leftmost corner was 'Amma ki Dukaan'.

Amma ki Dukaan, Encroached Upon

Do encroachment always pertains to the meaning that somebody has captured a place in unlawful manner?

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Photo by Cord Reheren

This Diwali, 10% for Them

Diwali is a festival of lights, diyas (earthen lamps), sweets, gifts and prosperity. Crackers add the glitter, pomp and show and booms to the night sky but ain’t that an artificial addition to our celebrations?

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Torchbearer sets the Lighthouse

Torchbearers sail through the seas of life setting their achievements as light houses for the fleets of future.

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Being ABHAY: Threatening the FEAR

Some days ago, I met an elderly man in a Delhi Metro coach. We got into a discussion regarding the government, country, psychology and all. We exchanged pleasantries when train..

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sun in hands

Me, My Physio and Bright Twilights

Many thanks to my slacked sitting postures, set out to enjoy piercing pricks of shards. Soon got adapted to quick changes in gestures, and tremblings like those of castle of cards.

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Mathematical Appreciation

Symmetry and Mathematics are inherent in Nature everywhere, just need an eye to witness. Two nature lovers when become diction players.

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