Marital bliss, or sufferance?

One a widow, another a bride,

Smeared vermillion, and necklace of pearl,

‘what a contrast’, remarked the Earl,

She was married, the other will be,

one woman’s mourning, the others’ ceremony

one moment happiness and the next moment lost pride.

– Ankita Roy



Might of an ocean, limits of sky

And soulful songs of blue.

The dominant ink

And boy’s sigil,

Loyalty and tranquility in its depth.

Elegance of blue, marred by no other hue.

– Shiva Gupta


This green label of

Dettol (original) handwash

strips itself to white nudity

the remains still proclaim

100% protection
from all kinds of
sinful smell(s)

germs shouldn’t catch hold of me.

– Kanupriya Dhingra



Red Devils Dancing in Fire,

Passion’s excessive surge,

Wounds my Red Heart’s desires,

What happens, if I submit?

I bleed on your white sheets,

Surrendering my bride price.

(And everything else)

All is erased, only Vermillion remains.

– Anupriya Bose


Greyscale foetus moving on the screen,
Swimming like a question mark.

Will it grab a collar?
Or show a pretty dance?
Confusion wraps Mr. Tall and Mrs. Round.

Holding a purple sweater,
Both nod unanimously.

– Punvi Kalia



Catchy are sunflower and mustard fields

Superb is contrast with green leaves

Yellow Sun makes green to be mellowed

Sweet and pulpy ready to be swallowed

Rhyming a Dirty Fellow and Black Buffalo

Not lively and complete without Yellow

– Abhay Sisodia



I and White

are friends with


Benefits tells us

our grey areas

and its vulgar shades.

But ever since

White made our colours.

I have been laying them to sleep.

– Prannay Pathak


Vocalizing the Vortex within, Echoing the vibrant Illuminations