Hovering the globe
The majestic forms of vapour
Overseeing, Overshadowing
Unbound, formless grandeur.

A shade to the mortals
From the mighty sun
The beholder of thunder
The lord of the rains.

Yet a slave, bound and chained
At the mercy of the breeze
Showering into its own demise
It rides uncertainty


But the Cloud is no willed creature!
Like rocks and gravel
A consequence of nature
A mere chance.

Unlike the wisps, men are free.
A sentient mind
The (only) child that understands
The nature of (mother) nature

We are the eyes and minds
Of this unforgiving ‘Verse
We are free to will
And live by choice.

But are we disillusioned?
For we are  a consequence now
Haunted by the past
Enslaved by the future

The mind that frees us
Is the one that deludes
By emotions and purpose
All our lives we struggle

In this web of time intricate
Neither free, nor a God’s pawn
The universe delivers my fate
What is fate when chaos is the law?

Wicked and real is the will’s illusion,

My greatness isn’t mine to claim
Yet it is a  prison
Where my greatest follies don’t bear my name



Mostly harmless.