Diwali, the festival of spreading Happiness


It was October 22 when a friend of mine Rama, suddenly created a Whatsapp group called ‘Sarojini’ and added me and all the mutual friends of ours who reside nearby. First it didn’t really strike me what it was all about until she finally revealed it unto us. She had been wishing to do something for those homeless few, who reside under the flyover leading to Sarojini Nagar. Even though it was a beautiful idea my commitment was quite dicey. For I needed to attend incessant guests that usually arrive during Diwali. But, some magic happened and somehow I found time to accompany my friends to that place. Five of us gathered near the flyover at about 6.30 pm and began the celebration with distribution of sweets which was followed with lighting up diyas (earthen lamps) and some fireworks. It may appear to be not a very big deal to many, but for them it was like they never celebrated this festival so happily before, and for us I guess we never had such a beautiful Diwali til yet. Their smiles filled our hearts with a strange contentment. As if after so many years we had finally discovered the true meaning of celebrating this festival of lights. It is not about lighting up diyas at your home or bursting crackers, its true essence lies in the amount of happiness that we spread around with people, no matter who they are.

Below are few of the memories captured of all those beautiful smiles that we witnessed in the divine light of Hope.



Hardik Gaurav

A wandering mind whose imaginations seek a home in the moments that I click & in those pictures I find an eternal solace.