The Unheard Plight


the unheard plight

They chased me through and through
Like a Tibetan mastiff on a prowl
Fumes of rage and worry within grew
While more and more gathered crying foul

The bellavista that canopied thousands of my inner flames
Soon began enclosing on me
Surrounded with mystic
Like smoke on fire sanctifying a sage

Meanwhile the vent to the inner volcanic eruption
Eventually narrowed
With bowed head I treaded upon a melancholic path of shattered glass
While they volunteered a mass exode

I stood there on the other side of the fragile railing
With all the lone warriors within me breeding
On the other side she numbed her sympathetic eyes
While my own were brimming with an ocean’s might
Time had arrived to silence those cries

My watchful glance registered a shadow figure
In the depths of the dusk
But as nothing seemed to matter
them blacks past i brushed

I let out a wail the last of words that escaped
Finally found a place to rest

There is no sound reason to live said I
When the sane logic of justice disappeared in the mist above high
I carry the little warriors within me
To a world beyond here
in dearest hope i spare them the last to fear

And then i jumped with teary eyes and a heavy heart
The chilly winds cut through my entangled locks
The fifth haven descended to a ground
Squished all bones with the eeriest of sounds

As blood marked my pall
Out with the last breath the mystery i couldn’t solve

Only to wake up moments later from an hours rest
And realize that the bridge between conscious and subconscious has been put to test
Is the world now a place to live
Or just a place to plead and crib?


Smriti Rao

A nomad in the world of creativity, I find words and paints enticing. Pondering on the ways of the society I often tend to float in my own world of thoughts.