The incredible bond, the ties of Matrimony



Marriage is..

A thread so delicate, so soft, so tantalizing,
A feeling so blissful, so idyllic, so mesmerizing

Ain’t about accumulating wealth, ain’t a source of dowry,
It’s about accumulating joy, beginning a new journey

Ain’t just about ‘completing’ the vows, the rituals,
It’s about understanding the value of each and making the bond perennial

Ain’t about staying hungry for a person the entire night,
It’s about having meal together, making the relation bright

Ain’t about looking for someone who has all the leisure,
It’s about choosing the one with whom life is a pleasure

Ain’t about blaming the wife if she produces a baby girl,
It’s about realizing that both are equal, be it a boy or a girl

Ain’t always about bowing down to your in-laws,
It’s sometimes about your in-laws accepting you with all your flaws

Ain’t about one person dominating the other
It’s about both the partners standing together, forever

Ain’t about freaking out at your partner’s past,
It’s about the promise that the present love would forever last

Ain’t about the ‘materialistic aura’, the sparkle, the glitter, the light,
It’s about looking forward to a life which shines, which is bright

Ain’t about lust, ain’t about sexual satisfaction,
It’s about love and respect, it’s about appreciation

Marriage is..

A bond so intense, so profound, so ductile,
A relation so blissful, so pure, so divine.

(The poetry has been written in context with Indian weddings.)


Tamanna Singh

A person who enjoys writing. Believes in toil and dedicated. A music lover and enjoys playing basketball.