Autumn and Me


Photo: Laney Butler (Flickr)

Photo: Laney Butler (Flickr)

“Autumn. Everything appears pale. The leaves are  falling one after another from the trees. They do stick till the last possible moment to the bond that they had nurtured for a year, but eventually they have to break it. How willingly they do this, no one knows, but this is nature’s law – the law of mortality. You come to this world not to be here forever.

One remembers the spring time when little leaves, having that red colour of a newly born infant, start appearing on the branches of the trees. Such a joyous moment that is – to see a new life surfacing up. However, one nearly forgets them. They grow, flutter in the wind and remain there longing for a glance from the eyes of every passer-by.

Time passes and it is autumn again. The time has come for the leaves to leave for the heavenly abode. It is then when my eyes go towards the tree. One day, it was full of leaves and today I see only half of the clan on it; they too waiting to be shaken and taken away by the wind. The wind blows and  numerous leaves fall. They just fall, without any resistance as if they have surrendered to the will of the nature. Now that the tree has lost its clothing, the nest of that bird is left exposed. I can see her suffering in the scorching sun and mourning over the loss of the tree. Is she? Or am I just transferring my emotions, my turmoil onto that little innocent creature.”


Anuja Bhardwajan

Anuja is a student of Journalism who is 'committed' to photography. She lives on books and music. And sometimes writes too.