On The Edge



I whimper as he walks towards me very slowly.

“No! Please don’t do this again!” I say as the tears well up in my eyes. I know it is useless to protest because he always wins.

He does not stop at all and approaches me as if he owns me. He comes near me and his dark eyes bore into mine. I still know that nothing will happen no matter how much I fight or I lose. His face easily tells that he likes doing what he does to me.

He raises his hand and grips my hair tightly pulling me closer to him. His grey eyes look into my watering ones and the corners of his mouth tug up into a devilish smile. His alcoholic and cigarette smell hit my face which make me feel disgusted.

“You know you want this. Don’t hide it, baby.” He says in a cold, raspy voice and exaggerating the last word.

“No! Please I don’t want this! Leave me alone, please!” I scream again trying to make my words come out strong but they miserably fail.

“Don’t talk to me like that!’ He says in an angry tone and slaps my face with his other hand. His hand hits me hard on the cheek and I am sure that I am having a bruise by now.

I can’t do anything so I just cry and let him do whatever he wants.

I am helpless.


Janhavi Saxena

Writing after sixteen years of life experience.