It was the day


Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

It was the day
Her mother and father, very nervous
Her brother, speculative
It was the day
His mother and father very pompous
His sister, opinionative
They met on the decided date
Not in hurry, but scared to be very late
He and she. His and hers
They and theirs
All of them met

Hers were decorative. His were operative
They observed, judged, decided
All the terms and conditions provided
Everything was affordable
On that couch, in that little room
She became his, theirs
And what she thought of him, of them?
It never actually mattered
On that couch, in that little room
Her fate was affirmed
Her fate, was to be his wife
All his life. All her life.



Kanupriya Dhingra

Student of English Literature. A lover of books, music and rains. I love to express- through words or through doodles.