Beyond the barriers and bondage: Beatific bonds


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Beyond The Barrier

The heart is sinking,
The mind is thinking,
the eyes are searching,
But the lips are sealed.
Was it me or was it my heart?
Which answered my love and denied my doubts.
The feelings still last but the feel is lost,
life is still alive but love is lost,
Am I alive or am I lost?
Lost in the midst of my dubiousness.
The search is on;
the past is gone;
the path is long ;
I break into my heart’s hinterland.
Perfidy no longer is the sticky issue ; serendipity on its way;
dovetailing to walk on the bamboozled path!


A Bond beyond bondage, Marriage

The wedding day was here.
She could see the frown on her father’s forehead,

the serene and somber look on her mother’s face;
her eyes flushed with tears but not a drop on her cheek,
she could see the carefree and innocent look on her younger brother’s face every time she looked at him.

But inside her was a dilemma;a dubiousness.
Perplexed was her plight,
prompt were the wedding preparations,
Is Marriage a necessity or is it love?
Is love a precondition to get married?
Marriage is the merging of two souls for eternity,

a Hybrid of culture.
Is marriage an initiation of a bond or a bondage?
Unmask the bathetic bait offered by the society on a platter,
look beneath the veil,
peep into your soul amidst the pomp and pretense.
Marry the one whom you feel for;
for that person is your soul mate.
Step into an angelic bond which then no more is a bondage!