Felon of Himself


“The act or an instance of intentionally killing oneself”, “Self-Immolation” is what we call suicide. Every day we read about people from different towns and countries committing suicide. Cases of suicide can be found among the people of different class, gender, race and nationality.

Here’s a quote from Times of India.

In 2010, 187,000 Indians killed themselves — one-fifth of all global suicides.

According to an article published in Hindustan Times April 21, 2014.

“Can’t make Capital suicide-proof, the city’s depressed need help.”

Around 13 people died due to suicide attempts in 2013  in Delhi Metro alone and 1,899 total suicide reports were filed in 2012. People were of the age group between 15 and 29 years, in the capital, New Delhi. While around 50 people in London kill themselves in London Underground and an average of 26 deaths are reported in New York City.

Most of the people who attempted suicides were unemployed and they were students. Other than that, one of the most common reason for suicides is despair. But, at times, the reason is beyond dejection; I read a novel named “Veronika Decides to Die” written by the very intellectual and renowned Paulo Coelho. The novel is mainly about a girl named Veronika, who has everything in life, a family, a job and many friends. Yet she decides to kill herself for no reason. Not exactly, no reason but something quite unusual. The reason behind her suicide is that nothing in this world is going to change and everything will remain the same. So, why live a life in which every day is same as yesterday and every coming tomorrow will be same as today. “Monotony” was the reason behind her suicide sadly. Nearly same reason was behind a 26 year old woman’s suicide, “Monotony and Not Enough Music”. CHICAGO, Jan. 22 1909. [International New York Times]

One can put the blame on fast life in the modern world and the problems that follow are becoming the reason for suicides. But, if we dig down the history, it has been practiced by many of the historical figures like Adolf Hitler, Mark Antony and the very popular singer-musician Kurt Cobain. They all were rich and famous; they never faced any problems such as unemployment or poverty. It leaves us more confused and clueless about the reason behind such a drastic step.

Suicide is not really a disorder in itself or any sort of mental imbalance in all cases observed. A thought which is enough to rule one’s mind and force them to take a step ahead and end their life, can be a reason behind suicides in some cases. Any healthy or happy person can also feel the same and commit this. However, it seems to be a much uncomplicated word when we talk about, it takes valor to even attempt. One of my friend once told me that she felt like killing herself, but then she thinks about the fact that the society will raise questions on her character and her parents will have to face all those filthy questions and so the very fact restrains her thought. This is a very divisive thing to talk about. If a girl commits a suicide, does that really mean her character was compromised or was pregnant before marriage? Indians can get dramatic, and we are well aware of this fact (no offense intended). The reason may be anything, but the way our society perceives, it is dissimilar. Perhaps, it’s our society which is so thoughtless towards the sensitive issues that one can face. Obviously, I am not trying to say that our culture should be flexible enough to gauge our decision of ending our life, but it makes the situation worse. A person is suicidal and instead of having a healthy social support around him, this dramatic mindset of people is going to break him down.

What I have inferred is that, we, human beings; if we accept compliments and praises, then we should have a heart to accept criticism too. If we accept those with a positive mindset, that certainly makes us strong and better. If we are blessed with a human body which is the most superior according to Darwin’s evolution theory, we should respect it.

We are bound to face all types of situations in the world, be it abuse, heartbreaks, traumas, monotony or any other reason. Any one of us can go through such a phase in life where we experience what others’ don’t in their usual life. This is why we have doctors, right? Therapists, they exist for a reason! They are support systems to help us in situations like these.

It is a well known that highs and lows, mood swings, loneliness etc overpower the psyche of a person in certain phases of life. Do they feel suicidal just because of that?  Call family, friends, soul mates. Talk to them, burst yourself in front of them. There are way more big issues in life, no reason justifies a step like suicide in any way. If someone you know seems to be going through such a phase, then you should treat that person with utmost care, affection and seek medical attention, as soon as possible. In such a situation, a person just seeks one thing and that is support, someone who can listen to them, understand their situation, someone who can offer them a shoulder and someone who can get them back to a state when things were normal. Love is not bound by any language, even then it’s the greatest healer.

We have all got a lot of things that are waiting for us in this world; we just need to pull up our socks and get ready to taste every sweet, bitter and salty phase that comes in our stride. After all it is just one short affair, called, LIFE.

Live the life you’ve got
Because the time will wait not
We’re blessed to have this boon
As the youth will pass away soon

Since we have got just one chance
To learn, grow, sing and dance
So live each moment, as if it’s the last.
Keep moving up like a gentle mountain stream with each step and learn from your past.

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Megha Sati

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