The World and Her dreams



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A pretty long gown
With a shiny bright crown
She walked with grace
That made everyone gaze
A clear blue sky
Tempted her to fly
The place was full of joy
And the freedom that she could enjoy
There, she could retain her innocence
Because that world was full of benevolence
Slowly, this picture began to fade
And she started digging for aid
Knowing her lack of brawn
She lied down waiting for the dawn
The rising sun brightened her face
And she took the fresh breeze in her embrace
Then she opened her eyes
And started searching for the lost paradise
Now her fears were back
Since she knew the reality was black
Here, she cannot walk with grace
Because she doesn’t want any gaze
These gazes bring curiosity
Which then leads to animosity
The moment she gained maturity
She faced the world’s impurity
When she looked here and there
She realized this world was her real nightmare.

the world and her dreams – vibrant echoes


Megha Sati

Relentlessly Self-exposed!