Luminous honey under the Gorgeous sky


gorgeous sky

Photo : Pinterest


If I could;

I would,

Like to spend my nights

Weaving fairy lights

Into your veins

So you could glow from within

Like a luminous plankton

Every time you tried to smile for the world

I could stand near and whisper ‘gorgeous’

Into your ear

You’d say moonlight is pretty

And stars are gorgeous too

But if I could;

I would

Steal that twinkle from your eye

And I would bottle the tear that stained your cheek

I would carefully glue them to the sky

And let them shine for me

For your tears and your twinkle

Gently sprinkled

Would make a gorgeous night

If I could;

I would

Wrap you in my arms

And take you on a ride

Through the Milky Way

Every time you’d say impossible

I’d kiss your eyes

And bless your breath

And hold you here, to let you find

A galaxy that’ll make you blind

In case I don’t last

Through this gorgeous night

When you rise to the sun

Honey will you run?

To a mirror and kiss your eyes?

And tell yourself that the girl across the road

Spent a sleepless night

Falling in love with your gorgeous sky

Falling in love with your gorgeous night.