Masters or Jacks?



Image Credits : Tapesh Sharma (Vibrant Echoes)

“Education System in India: Has the time come for its overhauling?”

Most of us are ‘Jack’ of all trades, ‘Master’ of none
Is it something to boast about? Who says- No one

Come on, folks! Let us welcome the brainstorming
For what accounts for lack of expert training

No such difference between toddlers and ponies
All credit for heavy bags and stuffed goodies

Young minds chiseled to value marks not the aptitude
Sought after qualitative becomes quantitative attitude

By nature, cherubs are immune to competitive spirit
Soon, they get prone to adjectives like guts and grit

Sprouting buds get confined into vortex of ‘divisions’
For they are moulded by parents’ dreams and visions

Irrespective of being a leader or a commander
Those in high grades are set as default ‘Monitor’

In the race, pupils of pupils constrict and dilate
No matter, if their interests and future gyrate

Their innate skills, do we recognize and harness
No, just propelling them into the ‘Grades furnace’

Son to become a lawyer, daughter to become a doctor
Can’t they decide to realize the dreams they foster

Present is to be nurtured for a better tomorrow
They will do what they love, marring any sorrow

Education and training are to go hand in hand
Then students will find a platform and stand

To be overhauled, extra-curricular and sports culture
Need of the hour, to celebrate skills at this juncture

Any society thrives upon the pool of skilled work force
To provide, lets light the flames to change the course

Whether to be an engineer, a soldier or a teacher
Domain expertise should be the prominent feature

Let’s judge a ward’s calibre at nascent stage
And shape the vase, right at the budding phase

After higher secondary, he can choose the stream
Even then up to graduation, no specific realm

Only when he gets into Masters, he becomes a ‘Master’
And gets into the groove to be a problem buster

What if, we tap early, the field of interests
We’ll get ‘Masters’ early, mostly soaring at crests

Expert brains are being drained over the years
Let’s retain and chisel plenty by shifting the gears

For sake of future, wake up, shun the lethargy
Let’s devise a ‘System’ with symbiosis and synergy

In early teens, allow them to bloom in the ‘System’
‘Masters’ to lead the charge, surely to be the dictum

Will get ‘Jack’ of some trades and ‘Master’ of some
Chords of Nation’s progress will be all set to strum

Masters or Jacks? – Vibrant Echoes


Abhay Sisodia

Contributor and Editor at Vibrant Echoes